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What are you looking for in a church? Something local? A transformative faith? We value building a church community that offers family and individual personal support, the opportunity to share experiences, and to nourish each other spiritually. God never intended for us to walk through life alone, instead He created us so we can help each other follow His calling to be better people.

We believe in a positive Christianity, one where we look to the best in ourselves and others while still holding ourselves accountable to a higher standard and taking responsibility for our lives. As a result, our philosophy is to emphasize the practical teachings of the Bible, so as to create a solid mental and emotional foundation to support us on our path through life. After all, if we don't understand how the Bible is pertinent to our daily lives, we probably aren't going to give it much attention. But by setting this foundation of support we believe that we become equipped for the challenges of life because we have moved closer to God. You'll be amazed at the transformative effect!

We see the Bible as a story about us, and our relationship to God, with every person, place and thing having a deeper meaning that applies to our spiritual development. For example, Adam and Eve represent our thoughts and our emotions, respectively, so the story isn't about two people, but how for each one of us our emotions can distort our thinking and deceive us into not listening to God. We aren't to believe that women should be subservient to men in a literal way, but we are to understand that our emotions should be subservient to our rational mind.

Please take a look at the video below, or at our Media page to see a quick description of our weekly messages, and see if anything calls to you...or just click around through our site. Of course we'd love it if you attended one of our worship services, Bible studies or events! We'll do our best to make you feel right at home.

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Same Sex Marriage

Here are two papers here on the topic of same-sex marriage. The first one by Rev David Millar talks about the subject from trying to understand what marriage is and is not. Click here for it.

The second is by the Rev Jeremy Simmons, who takes on some of the cultural arguments, or "myths" as he calls them that are in favor of same-sex marriages. Click here for that paper.

Finally if you want even more perspective on this issue, check newchurchthought.org for their entire collection of papers on the subject.

June Discussion Groups

June 5, 7pm, this is a follow up from the 22nd May class. That class was about how we can open heaven to ourselves, but this class is how we open hell to ourselves. Essentially, what are the things we can do or engage in that close heaven and open hell?

May Discussion Groups

8/5, 7pm, What is the afterlife like? We take a look at one man's claim from the book, "The World Unseen."

22/5 7:30pm, How do we get a real experience of God? Emanuel Swedenborg writes that there are a number of things we can do that will open or close heaven to us. We'll be taking a look at what he offers.

Upcoming Message

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Small Talk With God

This Sunday our pastor will be preaching at another church, so we'll be running a lay service for the adults(i.e. no children's talk or Sunday school).

The topic is "small talk with God," and how it is important for us to talk with God about the daily ins and outs of our life. When a marriage gets in crisis, one of the first things that has to be re-established is small talk.

Likewise if we want our relationship with God to be on solid footing, we've got to talk with Him. .

Please join us!

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Prayer Requests

Having a rough day, month or life? Maybe you know somebody who would benefit from a prayer? Send us your prayer requests and we will add them to our prayers!

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Frustrated or unhappy with life? Are you asking the right questions?

Part of being happy is choosing to be happy no matter what life throws at us. It isn't easy to do. It takes practice. But that is what this life is about: practicing being a good and happy person, even if you aren't the richest, best-looking, most physically talented person in the world. God loves you anyway. In order to help others, we need to be able to help ourselves, so when adversity hits don't ask, "Why didn't you give me something better?" but do ask, "God gave me this to help me grow...what am I supposed to learn?"

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