Welcome to the Seven Practices of Peace Spiritual Growth Program! Starting February 2014

spiritual growth

Discover how the seven days of creation offer strategies for bringing peace into the world, one day at a time.

Each of us has the potential to progress from spiritual darkness and ignorance toward a state that is more awake, present, vibrant, loving, and peaceful. Seven Practices of Peace will walk you through each of the seven days of creation, offering inspiration and suggestions for practicing peace, a little every day.

Seven Practices of Peace is a seven (7) week program draws from the Biblical story of the days of creation. The days of creation progress from the first glimpse of light, all the way to a state of vibrant life, and finally rest, offering a metaphor for our inner "creation." This program is designed to use either on your own or with a group.

Join us to discover new spiritual insights about your life which will help you feel closer to God.

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Weekly Topics

Each of the seven weeks of the program explores a different day of creation:

  • Awakening
  • Distinguishing
  • Cultivating
  • Navigating
  • Speaking
  • Loving
  • Resting
  • For more details on each week, click here.

    Elements of the Program

    You are welcome to participate in any combination of these. Some will come to the small group sessions and not the worship, others will do the opposite. Most find the workbook to be a very useful companion for the program, but others do fine without it. The choice to use it or not is yours.

    Weekly Worship

    Each week, the worship service and Sunday School sessions will focus on one topic of Seven Practices of Peace program.


    Daily study of God’s Word is foundational to spiritual growth work. As a major component to the program we have created a workbook to facilitate the journey. The workbook provides a daily reading from scripture and a variety of suggestions for incorporating the teachings into life. It also offers guidance on studying, journaling, reflecting, and serving the community as ways to make the program truly relevant and transformative to your life

    Small Group

    A small group is a group of people who commit to meet on a weekly basis for seven weeks to explore their faith and support each other in applying that faith to life. Small groups usually include prayer, a time for checking in, and discussions or fun activities.

    • Hurstville New Church will be operating a small group on a weekday evening that is suitable for the group.


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    Questions? Contact us by email at todd@hurstvillenewchurch.com.