From Our Pastor

Pastor Todd

This page is a brief synopsis of the core ideas Hurstville New Church is founded on. You don’t have to agree with everything here to worship or serve with us. In fact, we also believe that faith is an informed choice a person progressively makes over a lifetime.

So if you believe everything on this page, come and spend time with us! And if you believe only some of what’s here, then come and spend time with us!

And if you don’t believe any of it but are open to the possibility that some part of it may be true?¬†Yep, we want you to come spend time with us!

We share these beliefs with you not to tell you what to think, but to disclose where we are coming from ourselves.

What We Believe

God Is Love
God Is Love

We believe that it is essential to our lives to start with a right understanding of God. God is love. Love is never actually angry or wrathful, but He allows that appearance because sometimes the fear of God is the only thing that will motivate us to change. He loves all of His children, and His #1 goal is to get them all to heaven.

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Salvation is the process of becoming a new and better you. All religions teach to acknowledge God and obey His commandments, and we believe all people who do that, regardless of religion, will go to heaven.

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A Story About Us

Jesus always spoke to His disciples in parables, and in the same way God always speaks to us in parables though Bible stories. Each character, each place, each thing in the story carries a special meaning about our spiritual development. Through it we learn that God always loves us no matter how little we love Him.

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Heaven and Hell
Life After Death

Heaven and Hell are real. The point of this life is to prepare us for the next. In the end, the blessing of Heaven is the same as the curse of Hell: either way you are with people just like yourself.

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Why God Can't Be Angry.

Some people teach God is angry with the human race, but that just cannot be. Disappointed, heart broken, perhaps, but wanting to send us to hell? No. Check out this video, created by a member of one of our sister congregations.