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Around the world there people are asking, "How can I get help with my problem?" or "Why does the Bible say these strange things?" The New Church teaches that hidden within the deeper meaning of Scriptures we can find the answers to our problems and make sense out of the seemingly strange and terrible things written in Scriptures.

To address these questions, there are many resources available to people seeking to learn more about the New Church and the implications of the New Church world view. Of course, if you cannot find the answer you seek, you are always welcome to contact us!

Resource Category Description

New Church Connection

Online Magazine

Connecting you with a New Christian spirituality for everyday life.

New Christian Bible Study

Informational Website

This site delivers four different needs: 1. number of Bible translations, 2. explains how Bible stories apply to us, 3 answers spiritual questions and 4. digs into new Christian theology.

New Christian Bible Study Channel

Youtube videos

A number of videos designed to explain some of the big questions, "Who is Jesus", "Is Satan Real" along with describing how some of the battles of the Old Testament apply to our lives today.

What the Bible Says

Informational Websiite

On this website you will find a number of articles about what the Bible says.  All of them are based on the premise that the Bible explains itself better than any tradition or dogma, and that everything in the Bible hangs on loving the Lord and loving our neighbor.

Spirit and Life Bible Study

Audio & video stream and download

It is called "Spirit and Life" because Jesus says in John 6:63 that his words are spirit and they are life. The implication is that Jesus' words (and by extension, everything in the Bible) are truly spiritual rather than merely earthly, and have an inner life in them, rather than being dead or flat or devoid of broader relevance.

Off The Left Eye


This is a youtube channel devoted to short, entertaining and easy to understand videos about how the New Church views various topics. Really fun channel!

New Church Perspective

Online Magazine/Blog

New Church Perspective is an online magazine with essays and other content published weekly. Our features are from a variety of writers dealing with a variety of topics, all celebrating the understanding and application of New Church ideas

New Church Vineyard

Sunday School

A large online collection of resources for all ages gathered together under New Church Doctrinal themes—Divine Providence, Heaven, Marriage, the Life of Religion, etc.—and religious holidays. Includes activities, projects, lessons, family talks, sermons, spiritual tasks, etc.

Jacob's Ladder

Sunday School

Learning about the Lord one level at a time. These lessons are filled with full-color pictures and a variety of activities. Children can experience a sense of wonder and excitement as they learn the stories of the Word in 36 lessons per level. A very important part of every level is material for parents or teachers.
The Brick Testament Sunday School Need pictures? This site has (almost) all of the Bible stories shown in nearly verse by verse in pictures of Legos figures and sets. It's pretty amazing, and it definitely is useful in keeping the attention of little boys. However, the adults admit they like it too!

Discovering the New Church

Study Guides

A series of lessons for teens on our church’s fundamental doctrines which can be used in groups or individually. Lessons on the Lord, the Word, Marriage, Divine Providence and Eternal Life are currently available.

Bible Meanings


The spiritual meaning of the Old and New Testament.
Bayside New Church Book Scans People have taken what Swedenborg offers and resequenced it for easier access. In particular they use his principles of exposition to pull out the inner meaning of various OT books.
Dove Press Informational Website Offers the spiritual meaning to the books of the Minor Prophets.

Swedenborg Centre

Brick & mortar location

The teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg are fundamental to the New Church, and the Swedenborg Centre offers information, books for sale, seminars and meetings for those interested in exploring Swedenborg's works..