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What kind of person do you want to be? Explore the story of Joseph, and learn to live in integrity with your higher calling in this seven-week spiritual growth program.spiritual growth

It is amazing how much goes on within us at every moment. If you will, please put your hand over your heart and wait. What do you notice? You may feel the steady beating. You may even find yourself breathing more deeply, or feeling more peaceful. This small gesture of hand-over-heart can center us and help us reconnect with what's within.

This program is designed to help us do that in a lasting way. It involves getting in touch with our higher nature so that we remember who we really are. It is an ongoing process, but once we have experienced what it feels like to get in touch, we will know when we are on the path of integrity and we we have stepped off. When we walk the path, we are authentic, and our words and action bless others.

Being in touch with our higher nature means being connected to God. That is because our higher nature is made in the image of God: radiant, wise, loving and whole. That wholeness is the source of our integrity. When we act from this place, our inside and outside align, creating a strength of character that can withstand the toughest pressure.

When we lose touch with God, though, everything breaks apart.

Unfortunately this happens all the time. As we disintegrate, conflict breaks out on every scale: between countries, groups and within families. Around us we see the shattered pieces of broken agreements, broken homes, and broken hearts. This brokenness, though, can heal. As we learn to reconnect with God, we step back on the path toward the wholeness and integrity. By looking at ourselves honestly and making positive changes, we participate in this healing.

Path of Integrity is a seven (7) week program designed to assist you in applying God's teachings to your everyday life. The program will start on 26th May and run through 7 July at Hurstville New Church and Roseville New Church.You can join us, or you can order a copy of the workbook and do the program on your own. We have found from past experience that there is a greater benefit in working through it as a group. In Path of Integrity, we explore the Bible story of Joseph and his brothers, and discover the meaning it has for you on your own journey. The story of Joseph reminds us that even when our dreams have been thrown in a pit, those dreams can be revived, and can show us the way to our own path of integrity.

Join us to discover new spiritual insights about your life which will help you feel closer to God.

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Weekly Topics

Each of the seven weeks of the program explores a different step in changing our aspirations from dreams to reality:

  • Listen to Your Dream
  • Drop the Distractions
  • Create Positive Experiences
  • Ask for Help
  • Take Responsibility
  • Have Compassion
  • Celebrate the Blessings
  • For more details on each week, click here.

    Elements of the Program

    You are welcome to participate in any combination of these. Some will come to the small group sessions and not the worship, others will do the opposite. Some use the workbook, others do not. The choice is yours.

    Weekly Worship

    We have produced a worship message for each one of the weeks of the program, and you can find them on our Media page. The first in the Path of Integrity series is, "Listen To Your Dreams" and they follow in sequence from there.

    Workbookpath of integrity workbook

    Daily study of God’s Word is foundational to spiritual growth work. As a major component to the program we have created a 136 page workbook to facilitate the journey. The workbook provides a daily reading from scripture and a variety of suggestions for incorporating the teachings into life. It also offers guidance on studying, journaling, reflecting, and serving the community as ways to make the program truly relevant and transformative to your life.

  • See a preview of the workbook
  • In addition we can deliver an optional daily inspiration to your email in-box. An opportunity to sign up for this is provided at the registration page.

    Small Group

    A small group is a group of people who commit to meet on a weekly basis for seven weeks to explore their faith and support each other in applying that faith to life. Small groups usually include prayer, a time for checking in, and discussions or fun activities.

    • Hurstville New Church will be operating a small group on a weekday evening that is suitable for the group. We will be utilizing Google's Hangouts as they have proven the best for this format. We encourage you to have a good internet connection, microphone and speakers.


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    Questions? Contact us by email at todd@hurstvillenewchurch.com.